What we offer

Wire Rope Management

High performance wire ropes are critical components within all relevant mechanical lifting and handling systems and as such require a robust inspection and maintenance process to prevent premature retirement or failure in service. We can implement a wire rope management process tailored to your specific requirements and in compliance with relevant procedures, processes, regulations and industry best practice relating to new ropes, in service ropes and also end of service life evaluation.

Wire Rope Handling and Installation Services

Our fully trained and experienced wire rope service team can carry out removal, installation and change out of all ropes associated to clients crane, winch and mechanical lifting and handling systems. In order to handle and install these ropes correctly and achieve optimum performance and service life we provide the correct spooling and handling equipment for the specific tasks.

Wire Rope NDT and Pressure Lubrication

A full length Non Destructive Examination and pressure lubrication of in-service high performance wire ropes can be carried out in order to provide the highest level of inspection of clients critical ropes ensuring service life is maximised without compromising safety and performance.

Ropes removed from service can also be inspected and pressure lubricated in-house in order to be re-used, thus providing cost saving benefits.

Wire Rope Socket Terminations

We can carry out termination of all types of spelter sockets by wirelock resin method both on site and in-house. Our trained technicians ensure terminations are carried out safely and correctly to ensure a 100% efficiency rating.

Destruction Test

Carrying out a destruction test of a representative sample of a high performance wire rope can provide important information as to the residual break load value in relation to the Minimum Break Load or Actual Break Load value when new. We can cut and prepare such samples using spelter socket terminations which will give an actual break load value of the provided sample. In order to achieve the actual break load of the rope it is important that these samples are correctly handled, prepared and tested.

Equipment Rental

We have a range of high specification spooling winches available for hire. All equipment complies with Machinery and Equipment Directives including PUWER and LOLER Regulations.